The farrier came to the barn last week after Heritage and did Coco's feet. Almost immediately, Coco was lame on his front end- the feet with shoes.

In the beginning, he worked out of it- probably because he's the type of horse that gets excited and ignores the pain. Men....

Anyways, he kept getting worse over the course of the week. I was supposed to have a dressage lesson Tuesday. We brought him into the arena and I rode for approximately 5 minutes before we decided that he was too off in the front to continue. So I had to ride Fassa- YUCK!!! :( Kris and Amanda both agreed that we should call the farrier and have him look at Coco.

He had Wednesday off, because I thought that might help.

Farrier came out Thursday morning. Coming out of the stall, Coco looked like he was walking on three legs. TOTALLY CRIPPLED!!!! My heart sunk. Jason, our farrier, watched him trot and immediately admitted that it might be his fault- a hot nail maybe? Turns out that it is an abscess on his front left foot that was painful for him when the inside was clamped. Poor pony!

So currently, my horse is on stall rest with 2x daily 20 minute epsom salt soakings with sugar and iodine hoof packings between. And it doesn't help that he's starting to get grumpy about having to be taken care of and having to stay in a stall- all things he hates. Men...

I'm starting to get really nervous about Dunnabeck, which is the show we're planning on going to next weekend. If this abscess doesn't come out soon, I don't know what I'm going to do. I really don't want to lose all that money on entries. Plus, I really wanted to go. And I really wanted to go with Coco, not some other horse that I don't know as well.

I guess there's still time, I'm just starting to freak out. :(

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