2016 Goals

I've always been in the camp that it's best to publish yearly goals and make them known so that the people around me can help me stay accountable. So here they are...

1. Keep Coco's fitness up with 3 rides per week.
2. Learn all Parelli games with Coco.
3. Top 3 BN at MACTA shows with Coco.
4. Show Dieter BN at a recognized event.
5. Under 30 dressage score on Dieter (walk/trot/canter test).
6. Personal weight loss goal (I have a number I'm reaching for, but I don't feel comfortable publishing that here).
7. Non-riding working out 3 times per week.
8. Finish a sprint (short) triathlon with Chris (trainer) in September.
9. Hike with Sophie off-leash with good heel/recall.
10. Read 6 horse-related books in 2016.

So there it is. Coco's vacation officially ended last week and he's been great so far. He's doing well on both leads, not really showing any discomfort, and he's definitely feeling fiesty with all the weather changes. And I've started riding Dieter at home in the field, which has been interesting but fun. He's mostly well-behaved.

Here's to an amazing 2016, both in the equestrian world and the real world!